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Installation Kit?

Our optional, simple installation kit includes one rubber squeegee and a few, single-edge razor blades.  These are the same tools used by our staff for Skunk Stripe installation and offered here as a convenience to our customers.
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Skin Size (WIDTH and HEIGHT of your Skunk Stripe)

Please provide us with the WIDTH and HEIGHT of your Skunk Stripe.  The default size is 20" wide by 5" tall.
You are providing us with the WIDTH and HEIGHT of the ACTUAL STRIPE!!!  You should add an inch or two to the width to assure it covers the entire length of your guitar's body.
For Sizes Greater Than 24" Wide or 8" Tall
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If you exceed the 8" HEIGHT or 24" WIDTH maximum size, your order may be delayed. If you need a size greater than 24" WIDTH or 8" HEIGHT...please CONTACT US for FREE custom sizing.
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