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Guitar front shown for design reference only.

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Installation Kit?

Our optional, simple installation kit includes one rubber squeegee and a few, single-edge razor blades.  These are the same tools used by our staff for skin installation and offered here as a convenience to our customers.
Width in Inches:
Height in Inches:

Skin Size (WIDTH and HEIGHT of your skin)

Please provide us with the WIDTH and HEIGHT of your skin.  This should be just enough to cover the entire area (BODY, HEADSTOCK, BACK or PICKGUARD) plus about one inch in each direction. So if you measure a BODY skin at 20" WIDTH by 15" HEIGHT, provide your skin measurements at 22" WIDTH by 17" HEIGHT
For Sizes Greater Than 24" CONTACT US for Custom Pricing!

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If you exceed the 24" HEIGHT or 24" WIDTH maximum size, your order may be delayed. If you need a size greater than 24" WIDTH or 24" HEIGHT...please CONTACT US for FREE custom sizing.
NOTE: International shipping can take up to 30 days.  Check with your local customs office after 15 days.
1.  Measure the maximum, actual WIDTH.
     Example: WIDTH = 20"

Measure the maximum, actual HEIGHT.
     Example: HEIGHT = 15"

The ACTUAL size is shown in red.
     Example: WIDTH = 20"  HEIGHT = 15"

Add one inch in all of the four directions for your skin size.
      Example: WIDTH = 22"  HEIGHT = 17"
In this example of measuring your guitar, headstock, etc...the PURPLE rectangle is the size you enter above.  Using our example, the "Width in Inches" is 22 and the "Height in Inches" is 17.  If you do not understand this, simply leave the fields at ZERO and we will contact you for your measurements.

Custom Fade 2 Black?

Our optional Fade 2 Black option adds a fading black border around the outside of your skin matching the shape of your guitar.  Our graphic artist will ask for a picture of your guitar during the proofing process! See the image below for a representation of the fade.