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Biomechanical Guitar Skin
We produce "Marine Grade", Clear Glossy or Modern Matte laminated, adhesive backed premium vinyl skins using high-definition printing methods on the best material available. Our exclusive Miracle Vinyl offers bubble-free installation and is stretchable.

We offer a huge library of photo quality, paint like images in many different categories to fit your mood and attitude.  With over 1500 designs to choose from, we have the largest selection.  And if you can't find something you like...send us an image and we will skin it for you!

Our uncut skins allow for a customized installation and positioning making each wrap completely unique. You simply attach and trim your skin to the shape of your instrument.
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American Flag Guitar Skin
Ted Nugent Guitar Skin

Guitar Skins, Guitar Decals, Guitar Stickers and Guitar Wraps for  Any Size, Shape or Style Guitar, Bass or Acoustic!

We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else! Skinny sells high-quality, high-definition, Clear Glossy or Modern Matte laminate, premium vinyl, adhesive backed Guitar Skins for any size, shape or style guitar, bass or acoustic.  Our exclusive Miracle Vinyl is bubble-free and stretchable.

We carry over 1500 guitar decals and offer a completely custom guitar skin service where our graphic artists will design your skin from scratch!  We custom size your skin to your guitar and work with you to assure your Guitar Skin is perfect! has been making Premium Guitar Skins for many years, owned and operated by musicians and graphic artists who simply love our job of making cool products for awesome customers!
Guitar God and True American Ted Nugent Signing a Fan's Custom Tribute Guitar Skin!
Guitar Decals!
Custom Painted American Flag Guitar Skin!
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Jager Guitar Skin
Custom Designed Body & Headstock Guitar Decals!
Our guitar skins fit any guitar or bass, acoustic or electric. Custom sizing is available for larger guitars and unique shapes and we can even skin your headstock, pickguard and pickups.

We provide Skin Installation Instructions on our website, including videos and tips so you know exactly how easy installation is to complete.

We ship your skin via USPS in a hard, cardboard tube with tracking right to your door.  International shipping available! We use PayPal to assure your security and ease of purchase. PayPal accepts most major credit cards without requiring membership.
Metal Head Kade Storm with his Biomechanical Iceman!
Our Custom Jagermeister Bass Guitar Skin Rocking Out!
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Bonnie Rotten Guitar Skin
Adult movie star Bonnie Rotten with a Fan's Custom Tribute Guitar! offers our Custom Designed Guitar Skin and Custom Designed Headstock Skin service for customers that want something completely unique.  Our graphic artists can create, find or modify any image to meet your expectations.
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Custom Designed Body & Headstock Guitar Decals!
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Guy With Jenny Guitar Skin
The Always Beautiful Jenny Lynn Guitar Skin...and Some Guy!
This service runs $49.99 for a base guitar skin (from an image you provide) and/or $14.99 for a base headstock skin (from an image you provide). This price may increase depending upon the graphics design time involved but tell us what you are interested in doing and we will provide a quote.

Our custom design services include Skins From Your Photo, Sunburst Designs, Custom Headstocks, Re-Color Skins, Tattoo Skins and even Completely Custom Designs created to your specifications by our on-staff Graphic Artists!
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