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Tips and Tricks
• Remember that you can always cut more of your skin away, but that you can never cut less.
• Use the right tools!  Razor blade, scissors, clean paper towel, etc.
• Completely clean the surface to which you are applying the skin.  Nothing sticks to dirty surfaces.
• The more hardware you remove from your guitar prior to skin installation, the easier it will be to install your skin.
• If it takes less than one hour to install your skin, you are likely not being careful enough.
• Have a friend help you.  Four hands are better than two.
• Once your skin is installed, you can touch up the edges of the skin with a black marker.

What You Will Need
• Warm, soapy water
• Paper towels
• Scissors
• Razor blades
• Soft Squeegee

There are many differing opinions and suggestions to installing guitar skins.  We suggest viewing the following videos to educate yourself prior to skin installation.  Knowledge is a great thing...and can save time, money and aggravation.  But lets be real are sticking a piece of vinyl to your guitar.  It isn't rocket science.  Choose the method that seems easiest to you and go for it.

How To Videos
The following videos available on will provide you with different methods of installing your skin.  We suggest you take a look at these videos and choose your preferred method prior to beginning the installation process.  Please note that these videos are hosted on and are only linked here for your education.  We do not own and didn't create these videos.

Choosing Your Guitar Skin, Our Process & Service has formulated a professional and proven process to provide you with the best guitar skin possible, designed to meet your specific needs, fit your specific guitar or bass and position your skin for that perfect look.  Here is how the entire process works.

Choose Your Guitar and/or Headstock Skin

Browse our site, check out all the different categories and skins we offer and find something that you like.  Once you do, click the skin to zoom in for a closer look and if it is the BUY NOW button.  At any time you can click one of our CHECKOUT NOW buttons to edit your selections or complete your purchase.  If you do not find a skin you like on our site, feel free to contact us with a graphic you would like made into a skin.  We do custom work also!

Guitar Skin Design & Proof Approval

Once we receive your completed order...we will email you with a few questions.  We provide customized skins to fit YOUR guitar!  This includes sizing to provide the highest resolution print with correct positioning, and effects such as flipping, mirroring (for left handed guitars), lighten, darken, etc.  After we collect this information, we modify the graphic to suit your needs and email you a "proof" (usually a PDF or JPG file) for your approval.  This process usually takes less than 24 hours.

Printing & Shipping Your Skin

After you have approved your skin, we print the high-definition graphic on our exclusive "Marine Grade" vinyl with a clear over-coat and adhesive backing.  Your skin is quality checked, rolled, placed in a hard, cardboard tube and shipped within an additional 3 to 5 business days in most cases.  We ship with USPS, delivery confirmation and tracking.

Application of Your Guitar Skin

When you receive your skin, remove it from the tube and allow it time to flatten out (because it was rolled).  This can be done by placing it face up on a table with a soft book or two laid on top.  It may take a few hours to completely flatten.  While you are waiting, you should collect your tools and prepare your work space for application.  Below you will find our ever-evolving tips, tricks and instructions.
Measuring your guitar is very important, and very easy.  As you see in this diagram, you measure the height at the tallest part of the guitar body and the width at the widest part of the guitar body.  Round to the highest number of inches.
Your skin is represented by the GREEN RECTANGLE for a body skin and a YELLOW RECTANGLE for a headstock skin.  Notice how it covers the entire area of the body or headstock.  Using a ruler or tape measure, provide these WIDTH and HEIGHT measurements to your designer.
Note:  These videos are provided by other individuals and posted for public viewing on  The are educational and we feel they show and demystify the guitar skin installation process.  These videos are not ours...we simply link to them for your use as they were intended.  Why link to our competition's videos?  We know our guitar skins are a superior product and acknowledge you have other choices.  But a good video is a good video.
Step 1 • Remove all the hardware from your guitar.
Step 2 • Clean your guitar. Warm, soapy water works well.
Step 3 • Apply your skin by peeling one side off the white and sticking it to your guitar. Slowly roll the white out from under the skin while pressing the skin in place.
Step 4 • Once the white is completely rolled away, squeegee the whole surface of the guitar to fully activate the adhesive.
Step 5 • Cut out the parts of the skin where your hardware goes.
Step 6 • Cut around the edge of the guitar holding your razor blade perpendicular to the guitar's face.
Step 7 • Reattach your hardware.
Step 8 • Repeat the process for your headstock skin.